Building Use

 The Fairview United Methodist Church, as a congregation of the United Methodist Church, exists for the worship and service of God, in order to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. All resources, including our building and the property surrounding it, are entrusted to us to use and maintain for the work to which we are called. We use these gifts for worship, faith formation, Christian fellowship, and for ministries with, and for the well being of the community. 

The Fairview United Methodist Church reserves the right to evaluate requests for building usage on the basis of theological, moral and ideological considerations. In general, compatibility with the church’s goals and values is expected of users, as well as compliance with our rules. 

The following types of activities will be given priority in descending order.

  1. Worship services, including weddings and funerals (plus visitations and repasts related to such events held in our sanctuary).
  2. Faith formation and Christian fellowship events (including visitations and repasts related to services held outside our facility).
  3. United Methodist-related, interdenominational and interfaith events.
  4. Government organizations
  5. Church partner organizations
  6. Non-church related usage by members
    a. Civic or educational organizations, etc.
    b. Family events (bridal and baby showers, reunions, etc.).
  7. Non-church related civic or educational organizations.

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